Affiliate Program

Liftosaur offers an affiliate program. If you're a coach, a trainer, or an influencer, you can earn commission by offering your weightlifting program on Liftosaur.

It's a win-win situation - your clients, users and fans would get your ready-to-use weightlifting program in a weightlifting tracker app, and you'd earn money from it too.

It works this way:

  • Your create your weightlifting program on a laptop (by visiting, or on a phone (by installing the Liftosaur app and creating a program there)
  • You copy the link to the program.
  • You share the link with your users/customers/clients/fans.
  • Users import the program to their phones, and start to do workouts
  • You get paid! 💰💰💰

Interested? Shoot us an email - Also let us know if you need help with creating a program.