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The most powerful weightlifting app ever: Build weightlifting programs with any progression and deloading logic, and be in control of your progress.

Or choose one of the existing programs, like GZCLP or 5/3/1, that have helped thousands of lifters get bigger and stronger.


One of the most important concepts in weightlifting is progressive overload. This means constantly challenging yourself by increasing weights or the number of reps. Your body responds to this challenge by getting stronger and bigger.

Initially, when you start lifting, you can increase weights every week. However, after several months, you may reach a point where increasing weights becomes more challenging. This is when it's beneficial to switch to a new program that incorporates different patterns of periodically adding and reducing weight. There are various programs created by experienced weightlifters who have discovered ways to ensure continued progress. Examples include GZCLP by Cody LeFever, 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler, and nSuns LP by u/nSuns. Different individuals have different preferences and what works for one person may not work for another.

Liftosaur allows you to try out these programs, modify them, and keep track of your progress regardless of the program you choose. It serves as a companion throughout your weightlifting journey and is designed for the long term. All these programs are defined using Liftoscript, a simple scripting language that resembles JavaScript.

You don't necessarily have to use or be familiar with Liftoscript. You can stick to the built-in programs. However, with Liftoscript, you have the ability to tailor the programs to your specific needs. For example, the squat progression and deload logic in Stronglifts 5x5 can be expressed in Liftoscript as follows:

if (completedReps >= reps) {
  state.weight = state.weight + 5lb
} else {
  state.failures = state.failures + 1
if (state.failures > 2) {
  state.failures = 0
  state.weight = state.weight * 0.9

And you have the flexibility to modify it in any way you desire. For example, you can adjust the increments to 2.5lb, change the maximum number of failures to 5, or completely customize the logic according to your preferences. You have access to completed sets, reps, weights, and you can create any state variable you want. There are a bunch of example programs written in the same Liftoscript language from

Read more or watch the video tutorial in Documentation

Built-in workout programs

And of course you can build your own programs as well!