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The most flexible weightlifting tracker app ever. Build complex routines like Stronglifts 5x5, GZCLP, 5/3/1, etc and define the logic of progressions and deloads using built-in scripting language. Or choose one of the pre-created weightlifting routines from r/fitness and r/weightroom.

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This app allows you to get experience similar to e.g. Stronglifts 5x5 app, but for any possible weightlifting routine ever. GZCLP, 5/3/1, nSuns LP, or any variation of those could be expressed via built-in scripting language Liftoscript. E.g. Squats progression and deload logic in Stronglifts 5x5 could be expressed in Liftoscript as:

if (completedReps >= reps) {
  state.weight = state.weight + 5lb
} else {
  state.failures = state.failures + 1
if (state.failures > 2) {
  state.failures = 0
  state.weight = state.weight * 0.9

And you can modify it in any way you want. E.g. you may change increments to 2.5lb, change max number of failures to 5, you may completely change the logic to anything you want. You have access to completed sets, reps, weights, you can create any state variables you want. There's also a bunch of example routines written in the same Liftoscript language from

Read more or watch the video tutorial in Documentation

Built-in workout programs

And of course you can build your own program as well!


Use a web app - that means you can visit it and work with it just like with any site, open it e.g. in mobile Safari or Chrome, but you can also add it to your phone home screen, and then it will behave like a regular app. It's called PWA - Progressive Web App.